Alzheimer, The Tragedy of Incomprehension

The Struggle of a Beautiful Dutch Lady In The East

The Glorious Marriage


Bob and Alida got married in the Roman Catholic Church in Bogor.
Their Church wedding was witnessed by their best friends, the world famous painter Basuki Abdullah and his wife Jojo (Pronounced Yoyo) Abdullah.

Alida was first married in Holland without Bob's presence (Married in Groom's absentia - "Met de Handschoen getrouwd" she would say). Joes (Jusuf Ismail, Bob's younger brother), was there.
She send the civil ceremony foto to Bob with the caption "Aan mijn lieve man" - to my dear husband.

About Bob Iskak

At the age of 19 (or 20?) , in Hilversum Holland, Alida met Bob (Robert Maria Iskak - born in Tegal, Centtral Java, on May 15, 1912 - died June 21, 2002). They must have fallen in love with each other immediately.

Bob was a very handsome and, above all, charming person from Indonesia. Perhaps somewhat flirtatious. He came, on his own initiative, to Holland to join the educational academy for teaching. He achieved a Bachelor Degree (Hoofd Akte) that would allow him to officialy teach and be elected Head Master. He was quite proud of his achievement, and he used to boast that he got high marks for the Dutch Language and Mathematics (He claims to have found a rule in mathematics, named as "Iskak's Rule" by his teachers). Bob also takes pride that he was a member of the official Netherlands Soccer Team. 
To get by financially in Holland - he often sang in Radio Hilversum. He somehow could read music notes and played the piano and violin. But he was more known as a successful teacher, a composer, and a film maker (although not too successful). Teaching, and Film making (and thus photography) was his lifelong passion.

At any party, Bob was also the center of the party, livening up the atmosphere. He was always sought after when friends made parties. He was fun to be with, made plenty of jokes, and liked to sing. His mind set was probably more Dutch than Javanese or Indonesian.

Bob's career was basically Teaching, in Bogor and Yogyakarta and Surabaya.
He then switched to work in the
Indonesian Navy with the rank of Naval Captain (he was in charge of the Information, Sport and Entertainment Dept of the Navy, very appropriate with his talents). During his tenure as Capt. Iskak his significant contribution was to initiate the "FrogMen" idea and development.

For one reason or other, he switched to become the Director of the Government's Film Company / PFN (Perusahaan Film Negara), basically to make News films (no TV at those days) and Documentaries. One can "sense", this is his "kingdom" as his passion was film making. A row with his boss resulted in his early retirement, and further a slight heart problem.

He died basically of old age and a mild stroke. He suffered an almost "vegetable" life for almost 2 years before he died quietly, alone in his bedroom in Condet, Jakarta.

Blissful Moments


Social Life in Bogor

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